Wednesday 2 December 2015

Review: Monomorte – 'The Three Mothers'

'The Three Mothers'

Danny Ryder AKA, Monomorte, returns with a new EP sure to appeal to fans of witch house. The Liverpool-based producer has crafted some wonderfully unique releases in recent years including 'Ad Extremvm', 'Coven XXIII', and 'Douosvavvm' which have explored genres such as chillwave, ambient, old school house, trip hop and industrial to create a take on the witch house sound that is accessible, enjoyable and most importantly high quality music.

'The Three Mothers' is the latest EP outing from Monomorte and immediately dives straight in with some dark and spooky ambience permeated by a simple and addictive beat which harks back to the sound on 'Ad Extremvum', but with a noticeable improvement in quality. 'My Mirrors Are Black' follows with a more club-orientated feel to inject some energy into the release; complete with a steady dance beat, ebm style synth bass and near trance-like lead occasionally rearing up it has undeniable dance potential. The final cut on the EP is the dark ambient leaning 'The Men' which incorporates a little bit of the witch house sound but until about the halfway point where the beat kicks in it keeps the subtle. It is however one of the most stunning tracks from this artist to date and the stand-out on this EP.

In terms of production this release continues the upwards trend that Ryder has shown with every bit of output. The quality is excellent, the songs – even the more club-friendly 'My Mirrors Are Black' have and airy feel to them that lets each element shine through with ease.

'The Three Mothers' is a very, very strong release from Ryder. Its a shame it only features three tracks as it leaves you hungry for more. It shows Ryder continueing to develop and improve his take on the witch house sound, and as a result raise the quality for others to aspire to. Let's hope a full-length release is on the cards soon.  

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