Tuesday 1 December 2015

Review: Tor Marrock & Coco Star – 'A Christmas Night'

'A Christmas Night'

Welsh doom metal masters Tor Marrock return with their first ever single in time for Christmas 2015. The aptly titled 'A Christmas Night' sees the band team up with Coco Star – who you may recognise as the vocalist behind the hit dance anthem 'I Need A Miracle' – to create a hauntingly ambient metal ballad.

The single sees the electronic and atmospheric elements of the Tor Marrock sound recognisable more from their 2007 début 'A Gothic Romance' at the forefront of the track. A sturdy bass line and drum beat add an old school gothic rock vibe to it, especially when coupled with the icy cold lead synths, before the heavy guitar kicks in for a little more power.

The interplay of the male and female vocals works especially well together with Tor Marrock's gravely, almost whispered voice underpinning Coco Star's more ethereal projections.

The production is nice and straightforward with the synths at the head of the mix to really drive that Christmas ambience home while the rock and metal elements provide a solid foundation from which the vocals can grow. It continues the build of quality from the band's last album 'Destroy The Soul', but with the added electronic elements it gives the sound another dimension.

This is a damn good song for anyone looking to shake up their Christmas play list. The use of the heavier metal elements of the band's sound is subtle, the gothic rock side is solid and drives the song forward, the vocals sound great together and the electronics have captured that dark winter atmosphere. Definitely one to check out this Yule.

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