Wednesday 27 January 2016

Review: God Module – 'Prophecy'


After the brilliant outing on 2014's 'False Face' God Module have returned with a brand new slice of horror drenched electro-industrial terror. The band's latest release 'Prophecy' continues to build on the fundamental God Module sound blending dark electro, ebm, techno, and industrial that mastermind Jasyn Bangert has developed since the band's inception. Despite the band's heavy release schedule over the past few years there is still plenty of inspiration left in Bangert as he keeps up the consistency and quality of the releases.

'Prophecy' is no exception to the rule. In it we find intact the hard dance beats, subtle grooves, spooky lead synths and monstrous vocals that have become synonymous with the God Module sound. Songs such as 'Wasteland', 'Secrets', 'Endless', 'We Are Legend', 'Abduction', and 'Transform' provide the album with a backbone of strong dance-friendly tracks that stead toe-to-toe with the best in the band's catalogue to date.
Courtney Bangert's vocal contribution in particular to 'Abduction' lifts the dynamic of the song to create a real standout track on the album.

The production is strong if not deviating too far from the usual script. But there are still some little surprises in there that really serve to enhance some songs and set them apart from the pack. The vocals, heavily distorted as per usual, do tend to get a little swamped in places but this isn't too much of a problem when you're being swept along by an otherwise infectious track.

With 'Prophecy' God Module continue an impressive run of releases that started with 2011's 'Séance'. Jasyn Bangert knows what he wants, he knows what his fans want and he is more than happy to oblige. There is no compromise, just the band focusing in on what sets them apart and creating a dark and dance friendly monster in the process.

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