Tuesday 26 January 2016

Review: Quasimodo – 'Kiss Of Death'

'Kiss Of Death'

Leeds' Quasimodo are tearing up the live scene in the spiritual home of gothic rock. Since the release of their 'Liberty, Equality, Atrocity' EP in 2013 the trio of Joel Heyes (ex-Action Directe), David Frampton (ex-Rome Burns), and Emma Hedley (Dawn of Elyzium/ex-Action Directe) have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with sharing the stage with a range of acts including Last July, Zeitgeist Zero, Rhombus and Luxury Stranger.

The band's newest offering, 'Kiss Of Death' is a triple threat of electronic tinged spiky post-punk and gothic melodrama complete with Heyes' own witty lyrics. It is immediately evident that the band have continued to hone and sharpen their sound well on the stage and this translates nicely into the recorded version of the songs.

'Kiss Of Death' hits hard and fast with an almighty clatter of post-punk guitars and snarling vocals for a srtong and catchy opener. While the electronic opening of 'J'accuse!' coupled with the low-fi vocals and steady dance beat presents the band with one of the strongest tracks in their arsenal to date. Finally the band's sensual take on the classic “Screaming” Jay Hawkins track 'I Put A Spell On You' gives the song a definitive gothic rock makeover.

As with the previous two releases there is a no nonsense / no frills kind of feel to the songs here retaining that classic post-punk / proto-goth vibe. The tracks feel dynamic and energetic and have captured the band's live energy well.

The EP is a strong statement from a band who are quickly establishing their name as one to keep an eye on in both Yorkshire and beyond. But now with two EP's and a single under their collective belt, it would be nice to hear how they would approach a full album.  

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