Tuesday 19 January 2016

Review: Spawn Of Psychosis – 'Ministry Of Transition'

'Ministry Of Transition'

Kent electro-industrial rockers Spawn Of Psychosis are not taking any prisoners on their latest album ,Ministry Of Transition'. Taking their punk meets industrial rock formula with its nods to the likes of Dope Stars Inc. and KMFDM the new album is packed full of big beats, hard riffs and chant-a-long vocals. There is a solid progression from their earlier works that is evident not only in the quality of the compositions but also in the quality of the recording. This is the album the band have always been threatening to make and now that it's here they are intent on beating you round the head with it.

Songs such as 'Martyr', 'Capitalist Courage', 'Femme Fatale', and 'Digital Degenerate' tap into the frenetic digital hardcore influenced industrial rock that the likes of Be My Enemy have been successful with. But the band add an almost drum 'n' bass feel reminiscent of early Shellshock which serves to further elevate their sound. While tracks such as 'The Reason', 'Ministry Of Transition', 'Purge Hate' and 'The Damage' flit between slower sludgier industrial rock, and more experimental leanings to give the album much more depth. However it is the album's ten-minute closing track that shows off the band's true skill. Starting with a discernibly more stripped back and daring new wave sound that evokes early Killing Joke it slowly mutates into a harder hitting metal sound that keeps the Killing Joke vibe intact but sounds bold and uniquely their own. It's a strong and clear parting shot that promises a hell of a lot more to come.

The production has improved greatly from previous releases and the instrumentation and vocals sound much more distinct and well mixed. There are still occasions when things sound a little saturated, however the pluses easily outweigh the minuses and the album is stronger for the changes they continue to make.

Spawn Of Psychosis have found a damn good balance to their sound. It has plenty of variety and experimentation, but not at the cost of a linear unifying vision or quality. It is evident the band's hard work and dedication is paying off where it matters, in the quality of their work. Therefore 'Ministry Of Transition' could and should represent a turning point for the band that will see their status elevated further in the scene.  

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