Wednesday 1 June 2016

Denigrata – ‘Kyrie Eleison’ (Music Video)

What can one say about the British Black Metal scene... well that up 'til now I only knew 2 acts from this lil island (well two I liked anyhow), but Denigrata has awoken something even darker than anything I'd heard before.
The new video for 'Kyrie Eleiso'n has some elements that you'd expect from the genre: In monochrome, old man staring at camera (Alan Moore though!) and it's main location is in a forest. What it seems to leave out though are the main tropes you'd expect from a Black Metal music video. The camera isn't nearly shaky enough (although the cuts between band members and bugs will give you a seizure!) it's all in brilliant focus and there is no blood sacrifice going on! What makes this video unique is in it's visuals.

The dirty and cold atmosphere gel well with the bands' look and although many Black Metal acts like to act hard on screen brandishing weapons of various sizes, but these guys they look like they could tear you apart with their bare hands!

In all it's a beautiful video, but with menace and an unsettling tone, which accompanies the music perfectly. Definitely an act to look out for in the near future.

Grab a copy of their début album 'Miss Defunctorum' here:

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