Thursday 16 June 2016

Review: Neurotech – 'In Remission'

'In Remission'

Slovenian multi-instrumentalist and composer Wulf is just one of those people you can't second guess. His musical vehicle Neurotech has, over the course of ten releases encompassed a diverse range of styles of genre from heavy metal influences to cinematic electronics. There is only one thing you can count on and that is the next album will be completely different to everything that has gone before. Last year Wulf released the metal influenced 'Stigma', the cinematic 'Evasive' and the symphonic 'The Ophidian Symphony'. His eleventh release, 'In Remission' is a progressive blend of all of these and more.

Industrial metal meets cinematic compositions, progressive electronics, and evocative vocal performances that sends Wulf's work ever onward toward the stars. Songs such as 'As Will Descends', 'Divided Bliss', 'The Lost Hope' ,'Evolving Equations' , and 'Alleviate' combine the room-filling power of an epic science-fiction soundtrack with the hard and heavy grit of cutting-edge industrial metal and instill subtle dance elements to create an undeniably appealing formula. Light and dark, hard and soft are perfectly balanced withing cavernous sounding songs that invite you to listen and move at the same time.

As usual the production continues to grow in quality alongside the compositions. Wulf is a great producer with a keen ability to get the best mix possible and deliver a product that could rival any major label release.

'In Remission' shows Wulf as a man very much on top of his game. The songs continue to show a definite progression from last year's albums and another step up in quality, if that were possible. This may be a short album at only seven tracks long. But it is nonetheless a substantial offering. There is plenty of deep and exciting music to get lost in, and when listed to last year's album's back-to-back it becomes a real feast for the ears. Wulf is an incredible talent and one that should be able to deliver great music for a long time to come.

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