Tuesday 21 June 2016

Preview: Infest Festival, 2016

26 - 28th August 2016
Bradford, UK

The UK's Infest festival has been a high point of the alternative music calendar for eighteen years. Held at Bradford University's Student Union every year, it has been host to an international array of artists across a diverse range of alternative electronic genres. The festival has previously played host to the likes of Alien Sex Fiend, Apoptygma Berzerk, Spahn Ranch, VNV Nation, Suicide Commando, Covenant, Assemblage 23, Front 242, and many more in it's time. And the 2016 line-up is set to continue this great run.

Featuring home-grown acts such as Tapewyrm, Massive Ego, Johnny Normal and the legendary Pop Will Eat Itself being joined by foreign invaders such as Atari Teenage Riot, 3Teeth, Leaether Strip, Velvet Acid Christ, and Dead When I Found Her, the festival is once again overflowing with must see-bands.
“Infest – the UK’s premier alternative electronic music and lifestyle event returns over the August bank holiday (26 - 28 august 2016).  
In its 18th edition, Infest has once again managed to push the boundaries a little of this broad church and surprised some with the addition of left field legends Pop Will Eat Itself and Atari Teenage Riot.  
Always pushing the boundaries a little, there is a wide mix of genres from synth pop, noise, electro pop, old school electro industrial, to hardcore and not so hardcore techno, as well as and full on cross-over. If you like alternative electronic music there will almost certainly be something here that will appeal, even if you haven’t heard of the artists before!  
The 2016 edition includes solid scene favourites such as Leaether Strip from Denmark and Velvet Acid Christ from the States, with up and coming UK talent like Massive Ego and Tapewyrm and Johnny Normal. There will also be exciting new prospects from across Europe and the States such as Dead When I Found, Hysteresis, Me The Tiger, Grausame Toechter, Monica Jeffries, and established underground gems like Canadian act Displacer, Vigilante from Chile and Rroyce from Germany… and if that's not enough, the new darlings of the industrial scene, 3teeth return after their triumphant UK début last year.  
But this isn’t just a straight forward music event, this is a celebration of a subculture. For one long weekend every August, Bradford University Students' Union becomes a little self contained world of alternative joy and fun. Live music, DJs, fashion and music stalls, and even some karaoke for those wanting to perform classic tunes! All in a friendly relaxed environment, in a central location easily accessible from anywhere in the world!  
An appreciative open minded audience gather to discover new music, meet new people, renew old friendships and party the weekend away.  
join us”

The Music

As usual the festival will play host to a range of home-grown and international acts taking in everything from synthpop to noise. Always pushing the envelope and trying to stay ahead of the game, the festival not only sees some welcome returns, but also some exclusive UK début performances. Check out the line-up below and the full schedule here.

Atari Teenage Riot
Leaether Strip
Pop Will Eat Itself
Velvet Acid Christ
Dead When I Found Her (UK début!)
Grausame T
öchter (UK début!)
Displacer (UK début!)
Monica Jeffries (UK début!)
Rroyce (UK début!)
Vigilante (UK début!)
Me The Tiger (UK début!)
Hysteresis (UK début!)
Massive Ego (Infest début!)
Tapewyrm (Infest début!)
Johnny Normal (Infest début!)

DJ Rich-Hybrid & DJ Eskimoblue
DJ Terminates-Here
DJ Ban
DJ Soylentblack
DJ C1 & DJ Paul Domaster
DJ Electric Dream & DJ Nathan Nothing
DJ Duracell Bunny
Das Ook
DJ Oliotronix
DJ Asylum Brian
+ More to be announced!

What Else Is On?

In addition to the great line-up of bands and DJs, there will also be alternative market stalls, Karaoke, and more besides that such as The Flesh Eating Foundation's 'Circuit Bent Side Show'. And if that wasn't enough, the festival will be raising money in aid of Lymphoma Association and Guide Dogs.

Where To Buy Tickets

Tickets are available for just £70 for the full three days of the festival from the Infest website. Alternatively you can also by tickets for individual days.


Festival goers can either stay in one of the many local hotels near the venue, or in fact book a room on the university campus in order to stay as close as possible to the action. Details of hotels and how to book the student accommodation are available to view here.

How To Get There

The venue is located on
Longside Lane, and is part of the main University of Bradford campus (MAP), and can be found by sat nav by using the postcode BD7 1SA or BD7 1SR. There is car parking available on site but you may be required to purchase a pass depending on when you arrive. Please check the logistics page for more details.

If you're travelling by train the nearest railway stations are Bradford Interchange and Bradford Forster Square.

If you're coming from abroad the nearest airports are Leeds Bradford International Airport and Manchester International Airport – there are connecting rail services to Bradford from both.



Intravenous Magazine will be there, we hope you will be too, and don't forget to check back after the festival to read our review. To keep up with the latest additions to the Infest schedule be sure to follow their social media pages (above). 

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