Thursday 17 November 2016

Review: Dead When I Found Her – 'Eyes On Backwards'

'Eyes On Backwards'

Following on from last year's 'All The Way Down', Portland industrialist Dead When I Found Her (AKA Michael Arthur Holloway) returns with a fourth full-length studio album in the form of 'Eyes On Backwards'. Once again evoking the early spirits of acts such as Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, DWIFH's use of the classic sounding industrial formula breeds a surface glean of familiarity whilst allowing lots of room to experiment and get nasty.

Songs such as 'Tantrum', 'The Big Reverse', 'Braille', 'Unsolved History', 'Midlife Eclipse', and 'Serus Mundi'are dark and atmospheric movements through post-industrial decay and a new cold war paranoia full of snarling distorted vocals rhythmic stuttering beats and subtle but effective lead melodies. It is a dense and menacing album that sees Holloway at his most pointed and focused to date.

The production is clean and modern which is a perfect balance to the old school sound palette that Holloway favours. While the individual elements from the albums are reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s, the execution is bang up-to-date and impactful. As a result the songs may have a light air of familiarity, but the is no denying that they are their own beasts altogether.

This is perhaps the strongest Dead When I Found Her album yet. It is both classic and relevant. A perfectly distilled expression of angst and paranoia crafted by a skilled and intelligent hand. As with previous releases it will appeal to older industrial fans as well as those finding their way to the genre through newer bands. But most importantly 'Eyes On Backwards' continues to see Holloway's stock as a musician continue to rise.  

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