Wednesday 9 November 2016

Review: Guillotine Dream – 'Lemuria'


The mysterious trio of Guillotine Dream create gothic rock with a hint of melancholic metal reminiscent of Fields Of The Nephilim and 13 Candles, perhaps even with a touch of Anathema in their formative years. Atmospheric and respectably heavy where it counts the band's début offering 'Lemuria' has a classic sound to it that is hard to deny.

Songs such as 'Lemuria', 'Signs', and 'Falling' provide the band with their most metallic moments with a powerful combination of light and jagged guitars, throbbing bass and growled vocals powering them forward. While the likes of 'Darkling Rooms', 'Man Ov Fyre', and 'Ghost Walk' push the gothic elements to the fore more with darker and more methodical displays of atmospheric rock.

Production-wise that classic edge is due to a rather retro sound that is ever present. It takes its cues from Fields Of The Nephilim circa 'The Nephilim. Not a bad job but definitively rooted in that late 80s sound. However the songs are fresh, strong and excellently performed, so the retro sheen doesn't do anything to hold it back.

'Lemuria' is a pretty promising release that displays a well-rounded style that will appeal to both fans of gothic rock and metal. It's a short introduction, but the quality of the songwriting leaves an impression beyond its six tracks. It would be nice to hear more of what this trio can do in the near future.  

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