Wednesday 16 November 2016

Review: BlutEngel – 'Complete'


German vampire pop returns in habitually bombastic form with the release of 'Complete' the lead single from BlutEngel's forthcoming tenth full-length studio album 'Leitbild. No strangers to combining soaring choruses, infectiously melodic leads, and steady dance beats, the band's darkwave meets synthpop formula is fully intact and has its eyes locked on European dancefloors.

The title track 'Complete' is an anthemic slice of Europop flirting dark synthpop that ticks all of the boxes in terms of what fans will want from a BlutEngel release. The remix courtesy of Massive Ego kicks up the harder dance elements of the song and as a result creates a truly undeniable floor-filler.

'Nowhere' harks back to the early BlutEngel sound – with a little more of the futurepop elements and an up-tempo rhythmic backbone that compliments the soaring melodies of the title track nicely. The single closes with the instrumental 'Dusk', which has a far more rhythmic ebm structure to it for a nice experimental and unexpected treat to end on.

In terms of production the now recognisably bombastic dark pop production of BlutEngel remains intact and to their usual uncompromising sheen. The songs, even thos that hark back to earlier sounds, still have that glossy sheen that would make mainstream pop acts jealous.

This is a strong lead single that hints at some very nice things on the upcoming tenth album. 'Complete' is a great, dance-friendly pop track that lives up to an already impressive body of work, while the b-sides hint at a more old school element returning to the fore. 'Leitbild' is shaping up to be an interesting album.  

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