Thursday 24 November 2016

Review: KPT – 'BLK EYE'


US electronic producer KPT (pronounced) released a stunning album only last November in the form of 'Alive By Machines', a short but sharp album that blended the darker more underground sounds of darkwave, industrial, and ebm with attention-grabbing edm and modern techno reminiscent of Diamond Version, Aphex Twin, and Blush Response. Fast-forward one year and the release of 'Blk Eye', a collection of singles remixed and remastered for good measure is here to keep us going until the next full release.

If you weren't told before hand this was a collection of singles, you would be none the wiser. While the album doesn't feel as thematically unified as 'Alive By Machines' the changes KPT has kept everything in line and singular in focus. Songs such as 'Fake', 'Something Went Wrong', 'Gift', 'Innermost', and 'Abandon' in particular show a steady progression and greater balance between dark experimentalism and infectious minimalism.

Production-wise the songs sound like they were recorded in one sitting, never-mind over the course of a few years. The skilful hand behind the desk has bridged the gaps between the songs and collated them into a more satisfying whole. There is a playfulness to the experimental nature of this recording, and in places it is less self-assured than others, but it has been executed at every step of the way to the highest quality.

KPT is a challenging act. One that likes to try and confound rules regarding melody and rhythm, but nonetheless even a stop-gap collection of singles is still a compelling listen. 'Blk Eye' is a tasty and satisfying release, but one that on the surface still lacks that rounded out vision of a full-length album release, and hopefully with these tracks collected, contextualised and released KPT will be back sooner rather than later with the follow-up to 'Alive By Machines'.  

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