Wednesday 22 February 2017

Meeting the Acid Death Cult of Vampires

"In our first project we definitely want to shed blood, as an emblematic oath. The other reason, the project requires it. If we create the device, it has to work, and we have to prove it. Our credibility can't be questionable." 

The dark, gothic scene seems to have a surprise coming for all of us, in more than just one sense. There’s a group preparing a promising first performance as a debut, surrounded by mystery, art, darkness and a more than original proposal.
Acid Death Cult of Vampires is the name they have chosen, and if it doesn’t make any of us wonder what they will be about by itself, the answers they gave on this interview will do it then.

Intravenous Magazine: How did you get started, individually and as a group, in the scene?
Acid Death Cult of Vampires: First of all, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity. My individual encounter with the scene was quite ordinary. Since I was young, the darker side of the world attracted me, I was always trying to act like an outcast, you could say antisocial, which only got "worse" with rebellious teenage years. Obviously there was more to it, but I'd rather not talk about those. Basically, it wasn't the dark scene that found me, but I found it. While others were listening to radio pop hits, I searched for melodies close to my heart in Skinny Puppy, Foetus or even Bauhaus songs.
With the team, we met already being in the dark scene, however this would be a slightly longer story, which would be more about how our organisation works.

IVM: What was that element or moment when you thought about this project?
ADCoV: For the organisation, we wanted a really imposing debut, which we shared in our continously published prospectus. The goal would be to reinterpret the dark culture and the associated pictorial, musical world, mood which we will perform seasoned with extremities, sometimes along raw undeniable reality, sometimes brought forth with abstract, metaphorical surreality.

IVM:  What does the name mean for you? Are you going to work with those concepts in your debut?
ADCoV: Acid Death Cult of Vampires. On first look the name of our organisation won't seem as short, however in deeper interpretation it tells a lot. I want people to judge us from the first impulse of the name, so I won't comment it too much, as this will reveal whether we are creating for them. For this very reason I think that it contains our organisations complete definition, as well as our future works' subjects, like hemophilia, mortuary cult, sexuality and of course, all the subjects inseperably linked to the dark culture. Naturally, on all of our projects one interpretation of the name will be perceptible, after all we are Acid Death Cult of Vampires.

IVM: If you were to chose a single word to describe this performance, which would it be and why?
ADCoV: Passion. Our story is about passion induced by misery. And under misery, we don't just mean directly inflicted, but a more diverse empathic emotion. As a part of this wonderful negative affective domain, we will include expectation, dread, horror, disgust and empathic pain, all interpreted by the audience's own soul.

IVM: Why did you choose Mudford's The Iron Shroud as the base?
ADCoV: This story goes best with the mentioned emotional background in my previous answer, but regarding our performance, we chose Mudford's novel because we don't want his work to be forgotten, even though regarding the subject Edgar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" would've been more obvious. From a visual aspect the press chamber is a better choice, which we will alloy with the standing chamber and the Iron Maiden by our own concept. The torture device will have it's see-through walls covered with glass shards.

IVM:  Will you use more gothic classics for the next performances?
ADCoV: Naturally. We don't want our cultural inheritance to be forgotten, so even if only mentioned, but we pledge ourselves to protect our cultural values. After newly revealing them from the depths of ignorance, we will put them in a new, broader perspective to be passed down.

IVM: You told me this first performance will include cuts and blood, why not to use make-up instead?
ADCoV: Blood Sacrifice! In our first project we definitely want to shed blood, as an emblematic oath. The other reason, the project requires it. If we create the device, it has to work, and we have to prove it. Our credibility can't be questionable. The chamber will have transparent walls, so during the live broadcast everyone will feel the carnage!

IVM: When and where will it take place? Do you plan to record it so others can see it?
ADCoV: Given that we play with "lives" we wouldn't want to blindly fire our weapon. The performance will be broadcasted for the biggest audience possible, it will be recorded which will be available in the future through our organisation. The place is not yet set, as it is dependant on the budget. We wouldn't border ourselves, that if we meet the need, we would take it out in front of a live audience somewhere in Europe.

IVM: Any plans one the future? Ideas you may be working on already?

ADCoV: Just today (February 11th), we had the meeting where we took out this question. As of now, we are working on four different projects other than the Iron Shroud, which are not yet public, however out of the four I'd like to reveal a few things on two. One of them would be a musical play (dark-electro/electro-industrial based), which we plan a tour to some bigger European cities. The other has only it's name public so far, and I hope it's revealing enough: Bloodshed.

IVM: Thank you so much for your time, many of us will be waiting to see what you come up with. I'm sure you won't disappoint!

ADCoV: We would like to thank you for the opportunity! We promise people will definitely hear about us!

To keep an eye on this original project, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and visit their website.

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