Tuesday 21 February 2017

Review: Vlimmer – 'IIIIII/IIIIIII (Limited Edition Box)'

'IIIIII/IIIIIII (Limited Edition Box)'

Inhabiting a netherworld between proto-ebm, early synthpop, drone and dreamy ambient electronics Vlimmer (AKA; Alexander Leonard Donat, from Berlin, Germany) is an unusual and yet strangely satisfying artist. His latest release 'IIIIII/IIIIIII' (6/7) marks the sixth and seventh EP releases in a series of eighteen combined into one. It's a hard sound to pin-down, one certainly rooted in both ambient electronics and shoegaze, and always leaning towards existential atmospheres. But the methods always vary.

Songs such as 'Flutbahrn', 'Rotflimmern', 'Freiwärts', and 'Sonneschwarz' have a more up-beat and joyful core to their sound as they flirt with traditional dance elements and beats. While the likes of 'Fensterlosigkeit', 'Möwenmeer', 'Grundbuch', and 'Veerläufer' are deeper, introspective journeys that build into cinemeatic atmospheres. But it is the interplay of dark ambiance and ethnic instrumentation on 'Veräuβerung' and it's hypnotic vocal delivery that really stands out.

In terms of it's production, it is distinctly low-fi but in a kind of old-school way rather than a low-budget way. It feels warm and analogue which amplifies the haunting melancholy of the tracks even more.

'IIIIII/IIIIIII' are really nice releases that show of an artist with a rich and diverse style that he can call on to paint an interesting picture. These EP's only represent a small snapshot of a conceptual whole, but based on these it will certainly be something for fans of ambient music to check out and get their teeth into. 

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