Tuesday 28 February 2017

Review: Sex Death Religion – 'This House Is Haunted'

'This House Is Haunted'

Horror-obsessed edm / ebm outfit Sex Death Religion return with their latest EP on Two Gods Records. Continuing to hone their psychedelic dance music influenced by the likes of Lords Of Acid, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, and EMF, 'This House Is Haunted' sees the Canadian act take things up a notch with six new tracks of demented dance fodder.

The 'Intro' that kicks the EP off is a great blend of near witch house electronics framing a sinister vocal sample that gets things off to an ominous start. The main body of tracks though do a 180 turn instantaneously with the bouncy wubbing style of edm creating a fun counterpoint to the continued use of horror samples. Tracks such as 'Terror In The House', 'Cannibals', and 'Hell Bound' in particular really exemplify the continuing development of the SDR style balancing out sheer craziness with actual dance credibility.

The only real low point is in the somewhat lacklustre cover of 'Sweet Dreams'. While technically a different take on the oft-covered original, it doesn't have the hooks of the previous songs and the vocal delivery sounds unsure.

This is a nice development from the 'Murder Motel' single last year, and while there are some genuinely fun tracks, there is still some work to be done. However, SDR's own unique style is definitely taking on it's own shape and it would be interesting to see where a full-length album would take them musically and conceptually as well.  

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