Monday 27 February 2017

Review: Attrition – 'A Girl Called Harmony'

'A Girl Called Harmony'

Already a highly regarded song within the Attrition back catalogue, 'A Girl Called Harmony', which was originally part of 1991'a 'Tricky Business' album sees a release in it's own right on this EP. Although it saw inclusion on a lot of compilations at the time it never made it to a single release but 25 years later Martine Bowes' own Two Gods Records label finally addresses this oversight.

The resulting EP see's the original baroque-infused darkwave meets industrial track joined by the four-track demo track from the previous year. In addition are two remixes of 'I Am Eternity' (one classical and one electronica) from a promotional giveaway on Projekt records in 1997 which compliment the title track very nicely with their respective use of warm strings and trip-hop flavours. The EP is rounded out with a 1986 demo of 'I Am' which adds a nice ambient atmosphere to close with.

The tracks have been remastered with the care and precision that you would come to expect from Bowes. His stock as a producer and engineer is without question especially when taking tracks from across a ten year period and bringing them up to scratch for release in 2017 and have them still sound as strong as they do.

This is a nice addition for any long-time Attrition fan with a strong song leading the charge as well as four enjoyable rarities to boot. It might not be a good starting point for newer fans, but for anyone that has previously thought “He should have released that as a single” now would be the perfect time to grab yourself a copy.  

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