Monday 26 March 2018

Canter release music video and soundtrack album for 'Through The Wide Gate'

Chicago post-punk group Canter have released the soundtrack album to the short horror film 'Through The Wide Gate'. The soundtrack features and original score by the band as well as two brand new songs in the forms of 'The Tangible' and 'Thoughts & Prayers'.

Track List:

2.The Entrance
3.God Is In Control
4.She Devours
5.Thoughts & Prayers
6.Let The Show Begin
7.The Good Book
8.Death Is Her Savior
9.Washed In Blood
10.The Tangible
11.Virial Mass
12.Thoughts & Prayers (extended mix)
13.The Good Reverend

The band have also produced a music video featuring an introduction from Svengoolie, a long running late night local TV figure in the midwest of the US, which can be viewed here:

For more information on the band, including upcoming releases and live dates, please visit their official website

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