Tuesday 20 March 2018

Florian Grey announce 'Ritus'

Following the debut album 'Gone' from 2015 and three single releases, Florian Grey is going to release his new album 'RITUS'. What started as a solo project has grown together into a band, not least due to numerous live shows. Aside from Florian's three fellow musicians, producer Hilton Theissen (Dark Millenium, Akanoid, Seadrake) as well as Hell Boulevard Frontmann Matteo Vdiva Fabiani support the project with their competence and experience and form a strong unit that has made 'RITUS' possible in the first place.

They all created an album which immediately gets down to business with the rocking and melancholy opener 'Bluecifer and which drills into everybody's ears and mind song by song with great melodies, a powerful sound and epic lyrics. Florian Grey brings forth a dark rock pop epos taking the listener on a strong-voiced and emotional, but at the same time empathetic and charming trip. From alternative rock with metal influences and hard guitar riffs to pop with 80s synths, all styles are represented.

With this album, Florian Grey shows a totally new side with more rough edges. Compared to 'Gone', 'RITUS' is more uptempo, more straight forward, harder, louder and not one bit less cryptic and lyrical than the previous album. Cross-genre and far from any stereotypes, Florian Grey addresses topics and emotions affecting everyone – love, vengeance, hope, pain, devotion.

On 'RITUS', nothing is as it seems. Imploring lyrics meet heavy guitars and gentle sounds settle a score with the world. Hence, the songs send the listener to the brink of mankind's abyss, let them have a good look into it and bring them back shortly before they would fall with a glimmer of hope.

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