Wednesday 20 August 2014

Review: Cyferdyne – 'Keep Your Silence'

'Keep Your Silence'

With a reshuffle of personnel last year, there may have been some question marks surrounding the sophomore from Lancaster's own ebm upstarts Cyferdyne. But moments after pressing play, those misgivings are immediately laid to rest. The band's second album 'Keep Your Silence' is leaner, meaner and cleaner with a more powerful production giving the bands infectious dance grooves a more confident presence. The band's sound continues to evolve but remains distinctively English with nods to Mesh, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, and Prodigy throughout.

The band's penchant for hard, beat-driven ebm, dance-friendly melodies and industrial grit has come on a lot since the band's first full-length outing 'Genesys', Yet everything that endeared them to the public first time around is still present and correct. Even the most hardened club goer will be stretched to find a track on this album that wouldn't have them heading straight for the dance floor.

Tracks such as 'Cables And Codes', 'Disease', 'Glass', 'Escape' and 'Visions' epitomise the appeal of the album. Every song is different but at the heart of it is designed to make you dance and belt out the lyrics at the top of your voice. The album's crowning glory has to be the sumptuous 'Clockwork' with its steady pace, sing-a-long lyrics and industrial rock flirtations really show off the depth to the bands songwriting ability.

The production on the album is exceptional with a real top-shelf quality. Every element in the mix sounds fresh and distinct which really brings out the best in every song. It's easy to see that this is the album where the band are defining and refining their sound and have justly given it the attention it deserves.

'Keep Your Silence' is a highly polished monster of an album that really shows off what the band can do as songwriters. It wouldn't be a surprise if this album proves to to be a real game changer for them.

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