Tuesday 5 August 2014

Top New Music Picks- July 2014

END: the DJ’s Top Club Music Picks July 2014
Some great new beats for the middle of the year, especially from a few select labels- and apparently, Dark Dimensions has been on fire this past month! Check out the links to the labels’ websites to keep up with these newly released and upcoming works:

 Chainreactor- Overcharging System- Dark Dimensions Label Group

From the new Mass Driver album, Chainreactor’s new album shows a progression of music and style while keeping the same production style that keeps his work one of my favourites. An amazing release!

 Neusn- Es Geschiet Nichts (Voodoopriester Remix)- Rawhard Audio Records

Another monster from Rawhead Audio, this entire EP release from Neusn has dark, noisy and hard works to choose from. This remix is a standout.

Noisuf-X- Prison For Your Mind- Dark Dimensions Label Group

From the new ‘Invasion’ album, which is a killer release! Nearly every track is hard-to-the-floor and you

 Xotox- slÃ¥ tillbaka (Remix by Suicide Commando)- Dark Dimensions Label Group

Off of the Redux EP release (that’s also on vinyl!), there are some stellar remixes on this plus some original new Xotox tracks. This Suicide Commando was a surprise to hear laid over Xotox’s work and it works!

 Harm Joy- We Keep Circling (Spin Mix by Eisfabrik)- Emmo.biz Records

The melodic work and moving lyrics keep this track on repeat- this is a synthpop laden song that everyone should love moving to.

 Anthony Pablo- Prime- Green Mono Music

Apparently the UK’s Green Mono label has decided to release one club masterpiece after another this year with this moving track from Anthony Pablo. Fantastic production work and driving rhythm.

 Mr. Kitty- Scars- Negative Gain Productions

This entire album from Mr. Kitty is amazing, one that you can play back and repeat from start to finish; a wonderfully synth / electro laden work and great wistful vocal styling reminiscent of New Order. The Scars track really stands out with its lyrics. Get this album and the follow up release ASAP.

 BhamBhamHara- Nur fuer Euch (Zensiert by [:SITD:])- Dark Dimensions Label Group

BBH’s single release from their latest album contains this fantastic remix from [:SITD:] (an all-time favourite) and it’s great how well it stands out from the well-done original version.

 E-Craft- Gone- Infacted Recordings

From the outstanding new E-Craft album. Dark Electro / EBM at high quality and a driving beat.

 Cally & Juice- Virus (MKN Remix)- Ourstyle Recordings

A Hardstyle mover from this solid label. Make sure to check out Cally & Juice’s other works!

Check out these other incredible tracks to blow out your earholes with:

Mthmphtmn- Tunglmyrkvi (Mick Scamo Remix)- Rawhard Audio Records
Rawhard continues giving music lovers more to stomp to. This remix is only one of the many noisy dark tech tracks on this EP!

Alex Scherz- Dubformation 2.0 (Decibel Flekx Repurpose)- Rawhard Audio Records
- and yes, one more from the label! Go to Rawhard’s site on Beatport and lose your mind to this amazing material!

Wumpscut- Wreath of Barbs (Desastroes Remix)- BKM
This remix to a modern :W: classic has a great twist to a familiar melody. You’ll love this re-interpretation!

Alter Der Ruine- Leviathan- Negative Gain Productions
ADR’s new album shows a different direction at such an expertise quality of production work. This track is one of many selected new favourites!

Cosmic Armchair- Conversation- Alfa Matrix
A surprise release from Alfa Matrix, it will be very interesting to hear the direction this project takes after checking out this track.

Ian Rupert- Deep Swagger- Green Mono Music
The UK’s Green Mono Music label continues the incredible electronic dance output. True to the track’s title, the groove on this one makes you sway if not swagger and move to the low tones. Love this one!

Artists / Producers that want to send any demos for consideration, email or contact at ENDtheDJ.com!

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions. Look for the latest mix album Infactious Vol. 4 available now on Infacted Recordings.

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