Thursday 21 August 2014

Review: Flammpunkt – 'Amphetamine Psychosis'

'Amphetamine Psychosis'

Flammpunkt is the solo project of Frank Sparti, an Atlanta-based industrial musician with 20 years of experience to his name, which his first outing on Beyond Therapy Records certainly attests to. 'Amphetamine Psychosis' – his third outing under the Flammpunkt moniker and fist full-length album – is a seething blend of hard ebm, power noise and nasty industrial.

Primarily instrumental, at it's core it is a fundamentally solid dance album. The hard beats and catchy melodies on tracks like 'Civilisation Collapsing', 'Nekronamicode', 'The Creeps', 'Amphetamine Psychosis' and 'Digital Razor' do their job to draw the listener into the album and get their bodies moving. While the more crazy and experimental embellishments in the songs give the album a madcap veneer. Though Sparti isn't afraid to just go a bit nuts as he does on the short and sharp 'Cybergenic Freaks' and the spaghetti western invoking 'Gunslinger', which prove to be two of the albums most enjoyable moments.

It does feel as though he is holding back in some respects, as though the album is easing the listener in while threatening to drop a major bomb. Yet the explosion never quite comes. But what is here is still strong, and shows the depth and potential for this project.

Despite the penchant for getting crazy this is a very well mixed and produced album. The dance fundamentals are always preserved no matter what Sparti pulls out of his bag of tricks, which keeps it accessible enough to get his hooks into that club audience. But it is still complex enough to warrant catching him live.

'Amphetamine Psychosis' is fast and crazy, but it keeps one hand inside the straight jacket for good measure. It's an album that shows Sparti is not knows a good dance tune, but he can really spice things up. It would however be very interesting to see just how crazy he can get. But this is a very good starting point that should pique quite a few people's interests.

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