Thursday 7 August 2014

Review: Various Artists – 'Two Years And Going Strong!'

'Two Years And Going Strong!'

Just as the PR company turned label did with their excellent 'Foundations' CD compilation and last year's 'Fuck You, Enjoy' free Christmas album, Juggernaut Music Group has released another strong collection featuring some of the best international underground electronic artists. Once again available as a free download 'Two Years And Going Strong!' collects some of the best cuts from the Juggernaut roster to give everyone a taste of what they have up their sleeve.

Encompassing everything from synthpop acts such as Mr Kitty and IIOIOIOII to the harsher tones of Tapewyrm and Garten Der Asche the album provides a great cross-section of tracks from a diverse range of modern artists that are consistently getting critics and fans alike excited. Best of all everything is distinctly club friendly. Strong dance beats and catchy melodies are at the fore of this compilation with acts such as Dreams Divide, Deadliner, Mr Kitty, IIOIOIOII, Electric Breathing, Venal Flesh, Immanent Violence and Tactical Module shining in particular.

The album is well mixed and arranged in a careful, thought out manner so that the tracks flow into each other nicely. Best of all at seventeen tracks long, its not to big to burn on to a CD and throw in the car to spread the noise.

Again Juggernaut have brought together a strong collection of acts and chosen to give away some great music. Fans of any alternative electronic sub-genre will be hard pressed to find something they don't like here. It's fresh, up-to-date and you will definitely be hearing these tracks on the dancefloors for a long time to come.

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