Friday 22 August 2014

The weekly compendium 22/08/2014

It's the end of another week here at Intravenous Magazine, and it's nearly the end of August! We've been hard at work bringing you news and reviews to brighten up your dark little lives and are looking forward to a long weekend of... more writing! Here's what we had for you this week.

We kicked things off with another insightful column from Joel Heyes. We brought you news of The Gothsicles signing with Negative Gain. And there reviews of the new releases from Prude, Dicepeople, Cyferdyne, Witches Of Doom, and Flammpunkt.

While over on Facebook we saw a new Petrol Bastard remix courtesy of the legendary Ultraviolence. 3Teeth have launched a remix contest. Black Tape For A Blue Girl have released a free compilation. There is some late news from Infest. And finally tour dates from Velvet Acid Christ.

Right that's it for the weekend. I'm going to heroically plough on with this big article on silent horror cinema. So I'll leave you with this...

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