Wednesday 9 September 2015

Introducing... Shadow System

“Well I'm a young act but I have to say playing at the Castle Party festival 2015 was amazing and going to the pool party was fun. Playing in Belfast was a blast because a lot of people who know me in Belfast.”

Name of band: Shadow System
Members: Adam Gamble, Graeme Laverty, Roberto Mincione, Mariusz Polak
Year formed: 2011
Location: Based in Belfast N.Ireland (UK)

Shadow System is conceptualized by Australian born and Northern Ireland bred Adam Gamble. Shadow System has provided remixes for bands such as Null White, WormZ, LSD Project & DE_TOT_COR. In 2012 Shadow System released it's début album 'Dark By Design' and quickly got noticed in music connoisseur circles and praise from Future Music magazine and others and with an remix CD including remixes from SAM, Shiv-r, NoisuF-X, Amduscia and many others. Shadow System is a solo act. I have studied music for many years and did some DJ sets in Belfast and Dublin.

Intravenous Magazine: Who are you and how did the band/project come to be formed?

I like looking out for new sounds and ideas on arrangements and ways to convey my lyrics, I have been writing songs since 2002/2003 but I never recorded anything because I was not at a good musical level, I went to a music technical college and got better and some Gangster Hip Hop, metal, black metal bands where planned but people are unreliable and some guitarists are difficult people so I gave up on music for awhile then I started to get into more electronic styles of music and my ex-girlfriend encouraged me to get back into music and just to do it myself so I bought some synths and caught that music bug of being creative and writing so I went into a studio in Belfast where Taio Cruz and David Guetta have recorded at and got to meet a great producer Graeme who has DJed in Argentina and Belfast etc and has his expertise is in house, electro, techno, trance, rock, classical. So creatively we clicked and enjoyed experimenting with styles, genres and influences. I released 'Dark By Design' in 2012 which impressed and before I knew it I was being booked to play Dublin so I had to go and hunt out for some live members so I was lucky in meeting Italian DJ Roberto in Cork at a Soman gig and he has DJed in Rome and is cool. Playing at Poland's Castle Party festival Roberto could not make it because of work but I was so lucky I knew Mariusz and he agreed to help me out and l and he can speak Polish which was handy. At the moment I'm looking for a live drummer and guitarist.

IVM: How would you describe your sound/style, and how did you arrive at it?

Twisted Dark Alternative Electronic Dance Music / Industrial/ glitch. I'm a music prostitute haha I'm very open to different music I listen to many different genres from Classical, Electro Swing, Trip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Rap, Metal, Black metal, Country and Western, Trance, Industrial, Pop, Techno,House, Glitch etc.

IVM: Who and what are your primary influences both musical and non-musical?

Influences musically – I would say Massive Attack, Tricky, Glitch Mob, Skinny Puppy, Funker Vogt, The Crystal Method, Juno Reactor, Overwerk, Wolfgang Gartner, Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly, Faithless, Punish Yourself, Flesh Field, Deadmau5, Nitzer EBB, Benny Benassi, Iggy Pop, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Emperor, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Prodigy, Deftones, MIA and many others

Non musical influences – My life experiences and good and bad situations I have been in or get involved with. I'm a big fan of the ex-wrestler called Jake 'The Snake' Roberts because the character was so dark, deliberate cold and serious, Aurelian Smith who played Jake 'The Snake' Roberts had a very tough life; his mum had him when she was thirteen his dad was a wrestler but raped and had sex with under age girls. Aurelian was sexually molested by his step mum, and his sister was murdered but her body was never found, so Aurelian ended up getting involved in a lot of drugs etc. So when he got into wrestling and played the Jake 'The Snake' Roberts character a lot of dark things came out because he used a lot of negative things that happened in his life to fuel him in the profession

IVM: Do you perform live and if so where can we see you perform in the near future?

Yes, I preform my next gig in Dublin 7th of October at the Voodoo Lounge, I'm playing with 3TEETH.
So if anyone is in Dublin you show come for a wild night!

IVM: What is your current release and where is it available from?

'Dark By Design', 'Dark By Design Remixed' and some singles; 'Overkill', 'Satisfaction, and 'The Mark Has Been Made'. Shadow System is on a lot of different sites Itunes, Spotify, Xbox Music, Google Play, Yendex Music, Apple Music, Deezer, 7Digital, Tital, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3 in USA, UK,Japan,France,Germany, Italy etc.

IVM: What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Well I'm a young act but I have to say playing at the Castle Party festival 2015 was amazing and going to the pool party was fun. Playing in Belfast was a blast because a lot of people who know me in Belfast. Another high was the the boss from Cloud 9 studios felt my music was strong enough to be shared at the Midem festival in Cannes France were music industry and business people meet from big major company's like Lexus, Sony, Nike etc.

IVM: What are your plans for the future?

To finish the second Shadow System release, 'Ubiquitous Evil', in 2016 that will have a remix from Juno Reactor and Imperative Reaction.

IVM: Finally, is there anything that you would like to add?

Stay shady and keep an eye out for 'Ubiquitous Evil' in 2016 and Shadow System might get to play in England someday.


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