Thursday 10 September 2015

Review: In Death It Ends – 'Gematria'


Keeping up with the now prolific rate of output Porl King's post Miseylab project In Death It Ends returns with a brand new free download single hot on the heels of another strong album release. The new single 'Gematria' is a two song release that harks back to the rougher experimental roots of the project. Simple, minimalistic, haunting and entrancing, the tracks blend witch house electronics with post-punk and darkwave in a way that recalls earlier tracks such as those on the 'Restorative Art' EP, as well as 'Futureblack', and 'Die Together'.

The first track 'Gematria I' is comprised of a simple central looping beat and echoing synth bass recalling the simple witch house leanings of the early releases. The percussive elements continue to build up over the core of the song with a simple osculating synth line adding depth. The second track on the album 'Gematria II' brings out a spikier post-punk quality with its faster tempo, grooving bass and 80s evoking beat powering the track forward as stuttering beats and synths vie with a subtle melody to swell the track into a punchy beast.

The songs keep that minimal low-fi edge to that King has employed on every IDIE release to date. But once again the tracks are perfectly mix and don’t sound poor or rushed. They have underground appeal with enough polish to make them accessible to anyone willing to dive into them.

By King's standards its been a while since the slew of releases in 2014 and the new album 'Reaching Meon'. But he doesn't show any signs of letting up. The full-length album is another slice of great progressive witch-tinged-post-punk while these indulge his experimental leanings a little more. He has struck a balance that works well for him and the quality of the material as a result remains consistent and frequent.

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