Thursday 17 September 2015

Review: Dekad – 'A Perfect Picture'

'A Perfect Picture'

Formed as a trio initially, French synthpop outfit Dekad is now the solo project of founding member JB. Dispensing with the services for his former band mates for his last outing on 2011's 'Monophonic' JB quickly proved he didn't need support to bring his vision to life. And his new release 'A Perfect Picture' solidifies his ability as a solo artist. Blending synthpop, ebm, and future pop the fourth full-length studio album from Dekad is a catchy and melancholic expression of pop hooks and stylish synth work.

Songs such as 'Polaroid', 'Searching', 'Tied Up', 'Beautiful Inside', and 'The Guilt' bring big dance floor potential with their addictive rhythms, memorable melodies and sing-a-long vocals. While the likes of 'Slow Motion', 'Not Really There', 'Hate', and 'Miss Me' add a more introspective experience to the album that is perfect for solitary listening.

There are nods to the likes of And One, Celluloid, Covenant, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Massive Attack, and Royksopp throughout the album. But Dekad is its own beast. Sometimes there is a wonderfully laid back trip-hop quality to the pace, before it suddenly fills with dance-friendly energy and anthemic synth lines. It's a subtly varied listening experience which is reflected well in the production. It's minimal, almost to the point of being stark. But it works really well and gives the songs the space to change with ease.

'A Perfect Picture' is an album that synthpop fans will want to check out. It has a nice amount of variety and some strong synth work that keeps things interesting from start to finish. It's not as perfect as the title makes out however. JB's vocals tend to stick to that mid range, which is good enough for the most part, but there are one or two songs that feel like they could do with a little emotion, and it feels like he holds back. But on the whole it is a solid album that delivers a lot.

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