Thursday 17 September 2015

Review: Beborn Beton – 'A Worthy Compensation'

'A Worthy Compensation'

After a six year absence the German synthpop trio Beborn Breton return with their sixth full-length studio album. The band's blend of mellow melodies, easy pace, and catchy rhythms remains intact while getting a nice production overhaul befitting 2015. But after so long in the wilderness do the band still have the edge they once did when a whole new generation has reached maturity?

Well, the simple answer is yes. 'A Worthy Compensation' presents a more mature and self-assured sound than the band's previous output. The dance potential remains intact throughout, while Netschio's voice sounds the strongest and most engaging it ever has.

There are some easy stand-out tracks that will undoubtedly find a welcome spot on club playlists around the world. The likes of 'Daisy Cutter', '24-7 Mystery', 'A Worthy Compensation', 'Was Immer', and 'Terribly Wrong' are great, subtle, melancholic but nonetheless infectious cuts that get under the skin. While the likes of 'She Cried', and 'Who Watches the Watchmen' add a nice depth of flavour to the proceedings.

The production is clean, fresh, minimal and most importantly right for 2015. There is no trying to relive past glories or attempting to recapture the sound that first brought them to the public's attention. But then, Beborn Beton have never been about the past. The album is wonderfully simple and stright to the point with the mix giving the synths and the vocals plenty of room to move and create a much larger sound as a result.

'A Worthy Compensation' may not be the blinding revelation that some will be hoping for. Nor will it put young guns like Mr Kitty in their place. What you do get is a damn solid and enjoyable synthpop album from three tried and tested songwriters that lives up to it's predecessors and provides a platform for them to move forward.  

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