Thursday 8 October 2015

Review: Deadfilmstar – 'The Inevitable Rise & Fall Of Fake White &The Ill Fated Tour'

'The Inevitable Rise & Fall Of Fake White &The Ill Fated Tour'

It has been a long time coming but finally the début proper from Deadfilmstar has arrived. 'The Inevitable Rise & Fall Of Fake White &The Ill Fated Tour' has been in the works since before the previous album to have the Deadfilmstar moniker attached to it 'A.Rtistic I.Ntegrity' a sidestep into dark cyber influenced sounds that bore little resemblance to their live presentation of a dirty industrial rock band. After regrouping and setting out to consolidate their name on the live circuit with support slots alongside Mortiis, KMFDM, Gothminister, Combichrist, Orgy, and a lot of festival appearances the band have honed their songs into a conceptual free-fall into the dark underbelly of rock.

Musically it is a slow and grim barrage of dirty rock with dark gritty guitars and bass are reminiscent of 'Antichrist Superstar' era Marilyn Manson. The sound is further augmented with a liberal dose of glam metal posturing rhythms and 'Broken' era Nine Inch Nails sleazy industrial dripping from it's lips, over which vocalist Gary hisses and growls like a madman.

Songs such as 'Soiled, Spoilt & Somewhat Flawed', 'The Day We Lost You', 'Hello, Cruel World' and 'RockStarDead' will be well known to anyone who has seen them live, and in their recorded form they have lost none of that raw punch. While the likes of 'Plunged Into Morning', Fake White & A Band Called the Flies', 'A Terrible Thing And Audience Can Make You Do', and 'It's Over Superstar' break out atmospheric elements such as crowd noise, power tools, water and thunder to add an extra layer of eeriness.

In terms of production it is pretty damn good. It is dirty, gritty and raw. Yet, at the same time it is nicely balanced between the harder and more melodic elements. And despite what initially sounds like a very clear and linear direction different elements of genres begin to creep out and take the songs down new tangents while staying true to that rock core.

It has been a while, but one of the UK's hardest working live acts have finally got the album they deserve. 'The Inevitable Rise & Fall Of Fake White &The Ill Fated Tour' is a sharp, gritty look into the rock 'n' roll abyss that doesn't disappoint. Hopefully this will prove to be a launchpad for Deadfilmstar.  

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