Thursday 29 October 2015

Review: Jet Noir – 'A Cold Day In Hell'

'A Cold Day In Hell'

If you're not familiar with Jet Noir you soon will be. The synth player for electro goth act Naked Lunch has struck out on her own this year with two previous singles 'The Scarlet Woman' and 'The Circle' which have created positive rumblings. With an EP round the corner Noir has released a third single showing off her mix of progressive gothic rock and trance in the form of 'A Cold Day In Hell'.

Whereas the previous two singles showcased a decidedly more electronic leaning, 'A Cold Day In Hell' is an exercise in big gothic rock. Throbbing bass, subtle electronics, heavy guitars and the ever present sensual vocals come together to create a powerful combination that flips expectations around. It displays strong blends of melody, atmosphere and arrangements that hint at a lot more to come.

The single is completed by three remixes from Attrition, Dean Baker (Cloak) and Ruinizer who all add aq different spin to the original with ease. Attrition add a nice old school darkwave veneer to it that is wonderfully addictive. Dean Baker delves into ebm and trance territory which ups its dance appeal. Finally Ruinizer knock it into leftfield with a deconstructed blend of aggrotech and urban appeal.

The production is strong and walks the line between a classic gothic atmosphere and modern sheen. It is a combination that works really well and is able to switch between sultry and scathing with ease.

'A Cold Day In Hell' is perhaps the most exciting single so far from Jet Noir. It's blend of genres, progressive elements and atmospher is executed perfectly. The song is strong throughout showing great writing and performance and it should hopefully have a lot of people sit up and take notice.

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