Wednesday 28 October 2015

Review: Various Artists – 'Scary Music To Play In The Dark Vol. II'

'Scary Music To Play In The Dark Vol. II'

Just in time for Halloween Nigh† †errors, the record label arm of the YouTube radio station Nightmares and 808s, returns with another free compilation of dark underground electronics certain to add some spooky atmosphere to your Samhain celebrations.

It isn't the longest compilation with just seven tracks in total, however it is more of a case of quality over quantity. Witch house, dark, and occult electronics collide for a subtle, spooky and occasionally psychedelic playlist.

First up is Ukraine's SVGAWA with 'Annelise' with it's opening Exorcist sample giving way to a down-beat stuttering rhythm and simple spooky bass that is suddenly pierced by the lead melody in a way that evokes the shower scene in Psycho. Damn Whore follow on with 'Frank Young' with a more subtle stuttering beat this time with a more discernible hip hop flavour to it mixed with some wonderfully dark and deep bass.

Flesh's eight-minute long 'Delirium' is a stunning centrepiece which opens with a nice choral sample that fades into a slow ambient leaning track, building in a way that recalls a much darker Enigma before the more overt witchy elements creep in. △Sco△'s 'Crystal Witches' in comparison is a shorter, sharper and more straightforward glitchy witchy track that has a nice melody and steady dance-friendly beat that will get bodies moving.

'Lilac' by Foxwedding and remixed by Resonata is a nice light, but creepy track that utilises vocal samples as rhythmic devices to create a disturbing psychedelic feeling that would be right at home on the American Horror Story soundtrack. The Compilation is then rounded-off by the stunning 'Death By Stereo' from Sunset Architects which starts by leaning towards dark ambience with its hanging chords, subtle beats and atmospheric samples but soon switches gear into a stripped-down witch house style that is very effective.

This is another solid compilation from Nigh† †errors that shows off some very talented underground acts. Once again with it being free it should just as attractive to those looking to satisfy their curiosity about this particular branch of electronics as fans looking for new stuff to fill up their play lists. Despite its short length it is well curated and the end result is a pleasure to listen to.  

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