Thursday 8 October 2015

Review: Human Bodies / Leather Chalice – 'Split EP'

'Split EP'

There's nothing like a good split EP. The coming together of two bands who, while often sharing some stylistic common ground, present two unique representations of their genre in one package. These can sometimes be a complete collaboration with unexpected results, or a more straight-forward A-side / B-side affair to curb the costs for the release and foster camaraderie. The new split EP from US black metal bands Human Bodies and Leather Chalice is very much of the A-side / B-side construction.

Both bands present two strong songs each with Human Bodies opting for a nice and nasty couple of cuts of raw black metal, while Leather chalice take the genre into more experimental territory.

Human Bodies two tracks 'Only The Sigh' and 'Malice Prepense' evoke the likes of Darkthrone and early Satyricon with their lean and raw guitar riffs taking precedent with a solid back bone from the drums and classic vocals.

Leather Chalise on the other hand inject a little psychedelic occult rock effects into 'Good Intentions (Coming Home Part One)', while 'Last Gifts Of Worship (Coming Home Part Two) introduces some noise elements as well.

The tracks are pretty rough and ready with a distinct early 90s feel, yet they are completely enjoyable. They have a pure, live feel to them that is devoid of pretense and full of energy.

It is a short sharp shock that shows of the raw talents of two hungry sounding bands. The songs are fierce in their execution and full of passion. While the production may hamper some people's enjoyment (especially those more used to modern black metal albums), if you're able to get past that it is a decent effort.  

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