Tuesday 6 October 2015

Review: Dope Stars Inc. – 'The Saw Saga'

'The Saw Saga'

Victor Love has been damn busy this year. Between a new Dope Stars Inc. album, his new solo project and all his other projects, he's now delving into the archives to create a definitive anniversary edition of 'Neuromance' as well as this EP which features one unreleased song plus the band's tracks that were featured on the soundtracks to the Saw films. It is clear that Love is a man on a mission at the moment and long may it continue.

'The Saw Saga' may not have much in the way of new material, but as a free release it is one that still has plenty of meat on its bones. The previously unreleased 'I Won't Feel' is a solid quiet-loud track that is solid single material that for some reason didn't see the light of day along with the rest of the 'TeraPunk' material. 'Make A Star' was one of the best cuts from the 'Neuromance' album with it's big single feel. While 'Getting Closer' is a harder and more riotous anthem that spikes the adrenalin. Finally Beatcrusher' from 'Gigahearts' injects more of the synths for that unmistakeable cyber feel that Dope Stars Inc. have perfected.

Despite the tracks coming from different album sessions they all flow together quite nicely. The quality of the production is pretty constant and this feels like an EP of new material rather than a trip into the archives.

It may be one for the fans more than anything else, but this is still a pretty solid EP by anyone's standards. There are three tried and tested great songs, and one brand new one that arguable deserved to be released sooner. But best of all, it's free and it begs the question as to what gems Love has unearthed for the anniversary re-release of 'Neuromance'?

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