Friday 1 April 2016

Talanas confirmed for Glyndebourne festival

Breaking over a year of enforced hiatus, London death metallers talanas have confirmed their sole UK live date for 2016 in support of the release of their forthcoming EP this Summer.

Hand-picked from a series of private auditions held at an undisclosed private club in Mayfair, the ‘gentlemen of death metal’ are billed to headline the newly established extreme metal stage at East Sussex’s legendary Glyndebourne festival.

Otherwise known for its high brow presentation of classical and early music, the technical team behind the event have been keen to diversify towards a more contemporary route for a number of years.  We approached Julian Faulks-Weekly, the festival’s head of programming, over the possibility that this radical decision to book talanas may raise a few eyebrows amongst their more loyal attendees;

“Not especially, they wear tweed after all.  Part of the spirit of Glyndebourne is to foster new talent, we’ve seen a lot of promise from these young gentlemen over the years and we felt it was high time we gave them a more prestigious platform.

Glyndebourne audiences are hardly a discerning lot, they’re awfully open minded and we know them to be receptive to new and unexpected sounds, not least those presented at extremely high volumes.  After all, that Nigel Kennedy fellow had unusual hair so we expect our more committed ticket holders to take to the sound of progressive death metal with open if not flailing arms.  It’s going to be well sick.”

Making use of the new staging at the event in Lewes, Glyndebourne’s extreme metal option will run over the final three days of Rossini’s ‘Il barbiere di Siviglia’ in July, offering festival goers a chance to walk between the two performances being only yards away

talanas frontman Hal Sinden commented;

“It may seem a little unorthodox but to us it makes a lot of sense, we really couldn’t be happier with the decision.  We’ve asked Shaun from My Dying Bride to join us on violin especially for our slot so the regulars can have something they recognise in some way.  We’ve already had a number of messages from people attending and it all seems very positive.  With any luck we should see the world’s most polite wall of death.”

With rumours abound, sources at Glyndebourne’s press office have yet to confirm that they are in talks with crust grind legends Extreme Noise Terror and a newly reformed TBAC (Throw Bricks At Coppers) for the remaining three days of the extreme metal stage’s programming.

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