Monday 18 September 2017

Interview: Bornless Fire

Out of the ashes...

“Every move is a lesson in the music business, good and bad. However, all I can say is keep thick skin and always watch your back. There are too many leeches trying to drain your blood.”

Bornless Fire is the new industrial project from Kristof Bathory, better know as the driving force behind industrial-black metal outfit Dawn Of Ashes. Featuring members of Dawn of Ashes, Bile, and Carved Souls the project is a return to Bathory's early industrial sounds that characterised the initial years of DOA. This time however, Bathory returns to that style a battle-hardened veteran of the scene with a renewed vision and fire within him.
The band's debut album is scheduled for release in early 2018 via Metropolis Records, so we caught up with Bathory to talk about his motivations in revisiting a purer industrial sound and his inspirations behind the new project.

Intravenous Magazine: First of all how did the idea to create Bornless Fire as a band come about?

Kristof Bathory: For many years, I have had high demands that I do Industrial music again. After, the last Dawn of Ashes tour, the idea just happened while randomly listening to Hocico in the van. I started to think about the fans asking me when I would or if ever I would do this style of music again. Then, I came to terms that I am going to bring back an era of Industrial that has been buried and modernize it with my current skills.

IVM: The band features yourself along with members of Bile and Carved Souls as well, how did you go about recruiting them and are their contributions purely in a live capacity or are they actively writing?

KB: Its actually myself and Angel from Dawn of Ashes and members from Bile and Carved Souls. The recruiting happened by a tight friendship from me and Krz from Carved Souls. During the last DOA tour Brendin from Bile actually approached me in NYC and we bounced back thoughts about this idea. It just came into place perfectly.

IVM: The band's moniker has a strong sense of the Luciferian about it with allusions to the Bornless Ritual and The Black Flame. How did you come to settle on that name and how do you evoke it sonically?

KB: I wouldn't strictly classify it under "Luciferian", even though the symbol does have the sigil of Lucifer in it as a symbol of light. However, I would say it would be classified under various sects of the Left Hand Path. The name itself is derived from the "Bornless Ritual" that is from Greaco/Egyptian origins which the term "Bornless" actually means without a beginning. I then tied it in with the "Black Flame" to represent the divine spark that is within the evolution of human beings.

IVM: The band's Facebook page describes the genre as industrial/dark electro. With Dawn of Ashes evolving into a primarily black metal based sound over the years, how important is it for you to keep writing electronic music and will there be any similarities between the two projects?

KB: I think I made the decision to separate the two in order for DOA to move forward in the direction that it has been going and to give the fans that miss that old era of DOA something familiar but new. So to answer the question, I will always make Industrial music.

IVM:You're currently working on your debut album under the new moniker, what can listeners expect to hear on the album?

KB: An era of Industrial that has been dead and now it's time to dig up it's bones.

IVM: Names such as Suicide Commando, Grendel, and Tactical Sekt have been mentioned as remixers for the album, how important is it for you to maintain this practice with other artists?

KB: I felt that if I am going to make a come back with this, might as well have my old EBM pals back me up on it *Grin*.

IVM: How has the songwriting and recording process differed for Bornless Fire?

KB: Well, I am DIY-ing everything myself so I am in a portal messing with various alchemy ingredients and honestly loving it. No more pain in the ass / arrogant / self-entitled band members to tap on my shoulder every second which is a goddamn blessing.

IVM: Musically and thematically what have been your primary influences when recording the new album?

KB: Musically: Late 80s to early 2000 Industrial music. Thematically: My wisdom from the Left Hand Path and the crisis within the downfall of humanity.  

IVM: When can we expect the debut album to be released?

KB: The debut album will be released 1st quarter of 2018. Unfortunately, I can not reveal any further details until closer to that date.

IVM: Is there a title for the album (working or otherwise) that you can share with us yet?

KB: This info won't be revealed until sometime towards the end of this year.

IVM: The album is scheduled to be released through Metropolis records who also released the last few DOA albums. Did you entertain any other labels for Bornless Fire or was the plan always to stick with Metropolis?

KB: Metropolis Records immediately jumped on this once I told them about it. They are one of the largest Industrial labels so I felt that the album would be handled properly. Also, since there has been a high demand that I do Industrial again, I think the label knew it was something to invest into.

IVM: Can we expect to see Bornless Fire on the road anytime soon, and if so have you made any plans as far as the live presentation of the band?

KB: Probably looking around the same time when the album gets released. Bornless Fire features members of Dawn of Ashes, Bile, and Carved Souls so we have an amazing live lineup.

IVM: You've been involved in the music scene for a while now, what have been the hardest lessons you've had to learn and what advice would you give to new artists?

KB: Every move is a lesson in the music business, good and bad. However, all I can say is keep thick skin and always watch your back. There are too many leeches trying to drain your blood.

IVM: Finally is there anything you'd like to add?

KB: I'm very excited to jump into this again and I am looking forward to seeing all of the reactions.

Bornless Fire's as yet untitled album is slated for release via Metropolis Records in early 2018. To keep up-to-date with the band, including release dates and tour news, follow their official Facebook Page.  

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