Monday 4 September 2017

Lacrimosa reveals the first single from 'Testimonium'

Lacrimosa, the legendary German duo, finally released the music video for 'Nach dem Sturm', the first single of their upcoming album, 'Testimonium', to be released this Friday on August 25th, after two years since their last disc, Hoffnung.
The band, that has not given many details about the record, used a very simple concept to work with: elegance and finesse, with members Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi in a flamboyant, Victorian room and several scenes with Gothic girls in different environments.
However, the magic resides in the photography and edition, along with the special effects, that are featured in the video. Despite the lack of darkness, the many metaphors with the element of water presented in its seven minutes do a real magic, perfectly dressing the track.
The response of the fans was immediate, praising both the song and the video, and so it became a fan favourite among the German and Latin followers of Lacrimosa, who have made an impact in the duo at the point of inspiring them to sing in Spanish. 
'Testimonium' will be the band's thirteenth album, inspired and dedicated to the lost stars that died in 2016 that inspired Lacrimosa's frontman Tilo Wolff.

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