Tuesday 5 September 2017

Review: Adoration Destroyed – 'Ritual Deconstruction'

'Ritual Deconstruction'

Adoration Destroyed return with the new companion EP to their stunning debut 'Ritual Damage', in the form of 'Ritual Deconstruction'. A blend of new tracks and remixes courtesy of The Rain Within, Ego Likeness, and Interface, the EP picks up nicely where the LP left off with their blend of dark and sensual synthpop, darkwave, industrial, and classic ebm intact but this time with more pronounced guitars adding a little more grit to their sound.

The three original tracks 'Timelapse', sounds great as it slithers out of the speakers with the electronic bass and guitars adding a lot of power and ferocity to their sound. While 'Fingerbleed', and 'Never Mine Redux' keep up the bass and rhythm-heavy combination that was the cornerstone of the debut albums to great effect.

The three remixes all add very different spins to the originals with The Rain Within's take on 'Torn Apart' reimagined through their own retro-flavoured sound. The reworking of 'Voices Carry' carries on this retro theme with a dark synthpop meets old school ebm vibe coming together for a great dance tune. The final remix sees the band's lead single 'Carnal Dirge' radically deconstructed into a techno club banger by interface.

As with the previous two releases this EP has a crisp but slightly retro-tinged sound running throughout, though the remixes and guitar-heavy opener add a big shot of variety into what is on offer. But in terms of production the EP holds it together despite the sometimes radical shifts in sound and style and still presents a relatively unified whole.

This is a nice release from the band that begins to build on the foundation of the previous album. It may be a short and sweet follow-up but it does enough to hint at where the sound of the next full-length release could go, as well as provide some dynamic remixes for DJs to get their teeth into.  

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