Wednesday 20 September 2017

Review: CTRLSHFT – 'Void Of Course'

'Void Of Course'

In a departure from it's usual releases, Matt Fanale's Undustrial Records have the privilege of releasing the first new record from Josev Ferraro, AKA CTRLSHFT in nearly a decade. Ferarro has in the time between albums behind the scenes mixing, producing, and mastering such albums as the Causticles debut 'Eric Gottesman' and Caustic's 'Industrial Music', which has made him a natural fit for the Undustrial label.

Ferraro's blend of industrial mixed with ebm and idm remains intact in it's frenetic and aggressive assault. However, the quality of the sounds and the level of construction has seen a massive leap forward compared to his older releases. Songs such as 'Big Bang', 'Echoing The End', 'Satellite', 'Enemy', 'Galaxywaste', and 'Ultraviolet' are prime examples of everything that made CTRLSHFT an exciting new project at the turn of the millennium, but channelled through a decade's worth of additional production skill for a powerful return to the fray.

As mentioned earlier the quality compared to his older recordings is much higher. However, there is still that gritty, low-fi edge that gives it an old school outer layer but doesn't interfere with the clean and crisp construction of the tracks underneath. It nicely balances dissonance and melody throughout and the end result is perhaps the best CTRLSHFT sound to date.

This is a great introduction to Ferraro's music if you missed his older albums, or a great reminder if you had previously heard his work. There are some very strong tracks here with a lot of dance appeal as well as classic industrial credibility that quite rightly deserve to be heard. This is a great comeback record from someone who has been honing his skills in the shadows. Hopefully we won't have to wait a decade for a follow-up.  

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