Thursday 9 November 2017

Emilie Autumn releases 'Fight Like A Girl: The Tribute Remix'

Outraged by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, singer, violist and author Emilie Autumn released a remixed version of what she claims is her most well-known song, 'Fight Like A Girl', from the album of the same name.
This new version of the song incorporates the voices of Uma Thurman, Ronan Farrow, and Emma Thompson, one of the few personalities that spoke about the case, and is currently free to download and share at the artist's website.
Emilie Autumn also encourages victims of sexual assault to communicate with RAINN, a free support service for victims of any kind of sexual violence, either by their web or their phone number.
'Fight Like A Girl' is part of the singer's third studio album, released on 2012, a concept album about her semi-biographical, self-published novel, 'The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls'. All lyrics and music were written, performed, recorded, and produced by Autumn herself. 

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