Wednesday 22 November 2017

Kirlian Camera Release 'Sky Collapse' Single (Feat. Eskil Simonsson)

’Sky Collapse’ is an overture for a storm yet to come. A song about blackening skies and disquieting
scenarios, it is the first single from the forthcoming new album by the Italian electronic dark wave act  Kirlian Camera. It also marks a new collaboration between two of the most distinguished names in  mainland Europe’s electro-pop scene, with Swedish icon Eskil Simonsson of Covenant duetting with Kirlian Camera singer Elena Alice Fossi. ’Sky Collapse’ is written by Fossi with band mate
Angelo Bergamini and mixed by the legendary producer John Fryer. Kirlian Camera describe the song as follows: 

“‘Sky Collapse’ is memories from a recent hard period, when any possible light seemed to turn into  deep darkness as if everything was definitively lost. The words of Reverend Jim Jones at the start of the song are a clear guidance to that disquieting world. [Lest we forget, the Peoples Temple leader committed suicide along with 1000 followers in Guyana in 1978.] The sky looked as if it had collapsed, when…an unexpected ray of hope started shining on a doomy evening. So, we are here today to describe quite an ordeal with simple words and ‘dance on all those ruins’, whether from the past or a hard future we are yet to endure. We have always perceived a connection with Eskil Simonsson and  his band Covenant, so this meeting of each other on these strange roads of today is just a natural effect of such research in music and beyond." 

1 Sky Collapse (feat. Eskil Simonsson) 05:41
2 Sky Collapse (Dancetronic Mix) 05:12 
3 Venus Maze (1700 2 2000) 02:26
4 Moonlight Sonata For Holograms (Alternative Version) 06:01 

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