Monday 20 November 2017

Sharon den Adel launches new solo project: My Indigo

Sharon den Adel, founder, frontwoman and vocalist of Within Temptation, recently revealed a new solo project in which she's been working in secret. Both the project and its first single share the name of 'My Indigo.'

Honring her own words, explaining that this project has nothing similar with her Within Temptation music, the single shows a summer vibe more inclined to electro pop, a radical change from her usual metal style that has already gained 3.000 likes on Youtube.

Although simple in lyrics and structure, My Indigo has a well produced and composed sound that takes the best of its genre, while perfectly matching den Adel's vocal style. It may surprise at first, but the song becomes more enjoyable during the first chorus.

On the other side, the band said that "we have a few important bits and pieces coming up in the near future."

Hi there!
I know you all have been waiting for the announcement we were going to make, and here it is.
For many years we’ve been touring and everytime we came home I used to start writing songs almost immediately and was happy to do so. After the last tour I tried to do the same but it wasn’t the same. Eventually I found myself in a crisis which was bigger than just not being able to write songs. The years of touring and working under a certain pressure took its toll and besides that there were things in my personal life I had to deal with.
I really took time off, but when I started writing again it was something totally different than WT, but this was what I needed and I embraced it. One song led to another and it turned into a whole album. I gave it a name and it’s called ‘My Indigo’. My Indigo is about my journey these last few years and I would like to share it with you. Besides all of this I’m happy to tell you that my journey has led me back to Within Temptation. There will be a new album and a tour but more about that in the near future.
Today my first single will be released and this song is the core of my album and has the same name: My Indigo. My Indigo is not at all like Within Temptation and it wasn’t meant to be that at all. I wrote it first of all for myself, but nevertheless I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!
Thanks & take care!

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