Monday 8 January 2018

Cleopatra Records to release Fad Gadget Tribute

'Under What Flag' is a musical homage to the groundbreaking work of the late Fad Gadget mastermind Frank Tovey (1956-2002). Originally organized by Chris Halstead (DJ Seraphim) for Coitus Interruptus Productions as a digital only release, 'Under What Flag' is now being released by Cleopatra Records on CD as well as through all digital formats on January 12th.

Mastered by Jasyn Bangert (God Module), 'Under What Flag' is a tribute album made by fans for fans, that includes Leæther Strip, Blakk Glass, Canter, Cylab, NOIR, Manufactura and many more!


1. Bioassay – Collapsing New People
2. Blakk Glass – Lady Shave
3. Blicky – Ricky’s Hand
4. Canter – The Box
5. Charlatan – Fireside Favourite
6. Cortex Defect – Back To Nature
7. Cylab – Swallow It
8. George Sarah – Arch Of The Aorta
9. Labrynth – King Of The Flies
10. Leæther Strip – Back To Nature
11. Maleagant – Saturday Night Special (Threatened Brick In The Wall)
12. Manufactura – Insecticide
13. Microchip Junky – Insecticide
14. Missing Witness – The Box
15. NOIR – Back To Nature
16. Pixelpussy – State Of The Nation
17. Shrapnihil – Insecticide

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