Monday 15 January 2018

New releases from Echozone

Dusk To Dawn - Transition

What was previously heard on the single "Sole Survivor" is now continued in album length: Dusk to Dawn present "Transition", an LP that bridges between the new wave style of their songs from the 90s and contemporary electro rock.

Founded in 1991, Dusk to Dawn became known to insiders of the wave and synth pop scene at that time. Their songs achieved some fame through air and club plays, later also with iTunes singles and YouTube videos. For the first time since the reunion of the trio from Grevenbroich near Düsseldorf, they now release a long player with new songs.

The opener of the new album, "Not this World", already drops the minimalism of the earlier days. "Hailing Truth" also comes along with hymnic chords, real bass and electric guitar. The title track is a purely synthetic instrumental thunderstorm, and the last song "Traces" conciliates with classic, beautiful synth pop.

A special feature is the song "Remains": It was created in 1995 as a demo that is still unpublished today. In 2012, it was supposed to be the title track on the vinyl LP of the same name, filled with re-mastered Dusk to Dawn tracks from the 90s. In the end, however, the band decided to rearrange the piece completely - and to release it now, 23 years after its creation, for the first time.

The album "Transition" marks a sound evolution and still remains true to what Dusk to Dawn is all about: catchy electro-pop with depth, reminiscent of hits from the 1980s, similarly danceable, but with a dark and "techie" mood. Characteristic for the band is - beside this common style - the individual composition: The three band members bring in their own songs; only the arrangement and fine-tuning are done together.

Jörg Erren is a bass player, but has also been a specialist in analogue sounds for a long time. With another project, EFSS, he has been shaking up the analogue synth scene for several years. With Dusk to Dawn, he stands for the more demanding synth tracks with many instrumental parts. Andreas Kleinwächter changed from guitarist at the end of the 90s to a techno and trance arranger; with Dusk to Dawn he returns to his roots in dark rock. Singer Achim Zolke writes the group's most pop songs, which are always very catchy.

At the end of 2017, Dusk to Dawn signed with the well-known German independent label Echozone. "Transition" will be published as a digital release on January 19, 2018.

Mills - monochrome

Since their founding in 1994, Mills have worked their way through various stages of development and line-up changes. Today, the line-up consists of the founding members Alexander Steiner (guitar, keys) and Walter Glatz (vocals, keys) who also perform as a duo live on stage.

The current sound of Mills features a mix of synth pop, dark pop, gothic and partly dark electro. Their music is an exciting combination of various styles of the 80s, 90s and present day. The fusion of synth pop and slightly harder guitar riffs is reminiscent of the days of Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion", though without getting too close to this special style.

Strongly characterized by Walter Glatz' melancholy voice and instrumentally concentrated on the essentials, the eight songs of the new album "monochrome" proverbially float and take the listener into a dark and dreamy world full of audio-visual shades of grey. With every repeated listening, the album reveals new facets of emotional depths which boils the duo's musical goal down to an essence.

In Good Faith - Trinity

After three years of constant touring, studio work and three single releases, IN GOOD FAITH present their brand-new album "Trinity".

The German electro pop band who has managed to become an integral part of the dark / electro scene, presents a new album as a journey through light and darkness mirroring today's society, money - power - fear, to control the masses.

"Trinity" features a very compact, danceable and trancy sound with strong beats and clear, powerful vocals singing in German and English.

In 2018, IN GOOD FAITH are going to present and play the album in Germany and, for the first time, in other European countries starting with a show in Zurich / Switzerland together with their fellow musicians from Intent:Outtake.

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