Wednesday 17 January 2018

Review: Der Prosecutor – 'Egregious'


Industrial/cyberpunks Der Prosecutor unleash their debut EP 'Egregious'. They may be a new project but it's members have certainly been around for a while with their collective previous credits including Cyber-tec, Frogs Of War, and The Sepia. 'Egregious' marks a bold and fresh first step for this band with five tracks of dance floor assaulting tracks that blend gritty industrial beats with cyberpunk electronics, scathing guitars, and caustic vocals.

The result is a very addictive, albeit short manifesto that will undoubtedly find favour in clubs. Tracks such as 'Sun Dogs', The Instrument', 'Subject 7', and 'Motherhack' are balls-to-the-wall flurries of guitars, beats and shout-a-long vocals reminiscent of Cubanate. While 'Strangled' provides a slower and more methodical take on their sound.

The EP is rounded out by 3 alternate versions of the lead track 'Sun Dogs' from the band each emphasising a different element of their core sound. The '2Bit' edit is stripped-back, low-fi cyberpunk. While the 'DigitalMetal Remix' does exactly what it says on the tin. Finally the 'Sere Mix' delves into industrial trip-hop territory for an unexpected but appreciated left-turn.

The EP displays a lot of strong and confident song-writing that goes straight for the jugular. It's heavy yet dance-friendly. The mix is somewhat rough, which plays well on it's cyberpunk leanings, but as the remixes show the band are more than capable of manipulating their sound any way they want to go.

This is a very solid first step that should easily find an audience with fans of Cubanate, Pig, Be My Enemy and Katscan for example. The band have hit hard and fast with 'Egregious', but hint at a lot of potential directions for future releases. Hopefully a full-length release will arrive sooner rather than later so we can really see what they can do.  

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