Monday 15 January 2018

Kirlian Camera to release first album in five years

‘Hologram Moon’ is the first album in five years by the Italian electronic dark wave act Kirlian Camera.

It includes the autumn 2017 single ’Sky Collapse’, which saw frontwoman Elena Alice Fossi duetting with Eskil Simonsson of Covenant. A song about blackening skies and disquieting scenarios, it was written by Fossi with band mate Angelo Bergamini and mixed by the legendary producer John Fryer.

The song dominated the German Alternative Charts in the final quarter of the year.

However, ‘Sky Collapse’ was merely a portent of something more epic, as the full album shows off Kirlian Camera at the peak of their powers. Not only do new songs such as ‘Eyes Of The Moon’,  ’Travellers Testament’ and ‘Polar IHS’ seem destined to repeat the club success of the first single,  but the lyrical subject matter is also intriguing. The album title itself comes from a conspiracy theory that suggests the moon is no harmless satellite orbiting the earth, but a visual hologram sheltering an artificial and possibly alien construct. Whether taken seriously or not, ‘Hologram Moon’ sees  the band engaging in subversive play with perspectives and alternative realities.

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