Wednesday 16 May 2018

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Loewenhertz - Golden (Official Video)

Following the successful support tour with the British electropop icons "Mesh" for their latest album release "Echtzeit", the pop duo from South Germany radiate vigor and energy more than ever. The single release "Golden" gives a first foretaste of the new album which has been in preparation for a long time and is now scheduled for the beginning of 2019.

With the new single, Loewenhertz are celebrating a double premiere. While the last single releases were all in German, now Loewenhertz show their versatility and present their first song with English lyrics and, at the same time, demonstrate the band's catchy side. Crisp, poppy, modern - these are the dancefloor hit's characteristics. A pleasure for every electropop fan. The catchy song is a mix of Hurts, Depeche Mode and Paul Kalkbrenner and, of course, wants to repeat the band's last successes (DAC (German Alternative Charts) and GEWC (German Electronic WebCharts) entries of the last four releases). However, anyone assuming only glitter, glamour and gold will be wrong. The song is profound and takes hold in the listener's head.

The track was produced by the well-known Robin Felder and Felix Heldt who also worked for Tomcraft, Tom Novy, Da Hool, Disco Boys and D'Artagnan.

In advance the official video for "Golden" will be released on may, 11th. None other than video and film maker Mark Feuerstake was behind the camera who shot more than 500 music videos (i. a. ATB, Scooter, Mesh, Melotron) in his career and who provided an elaborately created setting for the song making "Golden" a genuine, visual highlight.

Loewenhertz also came up with an idea for the B-side. With the cover version of Nena's "Leuchtturm" they entered a challenging terrain which they did handle quite easily by giving the song a completely new and modern outfit.

Last but not least, this new release is supported by numerous top class remixes, for example by the iconic german electro-gothic band DAS ICH.

Loewenhertz 2018 sound fresh, multi-faceted, passionate and highly motivated.

SixTurnsNine - Spinning Numbers

Düsseldorf brought up a few stunnig as well as unique experimental / electronic bands. The Triphop / Electronica Trio SixTurnsNine is rooted in this tradition while they partly break with it at the same time..

The Band
SixTurnsNine was founded by Philip Akoto (strings), Lutz Bauer (keys/programming/electronica) and Anja Trodler (vocals) in 2015 at the legendary venue "Alter Schlachthof" in Düsseldorf-Derendorf. Coming from totally different musical backgrounds SixTurnsNine together create their songs within a charged creative field full of details and little traces that bear witness of their individuality in sound.

The Sound
The symbiosis of different musical influences ends up in songs with almost danceable trip hop beats and dub step elements combined with a somehow dark ambience, massive hypnotic bass guitars and lurid electronica. On top of it all you hear the impressive, dark and bluesy voice of Anja Trodler. Yes, there is a slight 90s vibe to be found, but it is just one layer within a brighter spectrum where there is much more to be found besides and underneath, for example break beats, atonal industrial music, New Wave or classic Woodstock spirit. You may also find references to bands like 'This Mortal Coil' or some other 4AD-bands from the 1980s.

The EP
Until now SixTurnsNine released two video singles called "Painted Clouds" and "Threat in The Neck". In May 2018 their first 6-track-EP will be released on Echozone / BobMedia in physical form as well as for download. Just before that SixTurnsNine will hit a few stages on a club tour to promote the EP in advance.

The EP is entitled "Spinning Numbers". It contains five regular tracks plus a remix of "Threat in The Neck" by Spherical Disrupted. The EP was recorded and produced by Lutz Bauer, mixed and mastered by Bob Humid (Cologne - mastermind of Der Liederkranz, Fat of Excellence, Serve & Destroy). Artwork and design was done by Hendrik & Julian Klein (takk design).

Inner Core - Blame

On May 18th, 2018, the symphonic metal / hard rock band INNER CORE are going to release their new video clip "Blame" as well as the new single of the same name taken from the latest album "Soultaker" plus one bonus track in form of a digital release.

As for the bonus track, the band put a new spin on the Michael Jackson song "Give Into Me" from the album "Dangerous" (1991) and outfitted it with the typical Inner Core sound.

The single will be available for download in all relevant download stores.

Projekt Ich - Doch das, was blieb

Following the successful single release "Where Are The Angels" feat. Mick L. Angelo (5TimesZero) in November 2017 and an additional maxi extra release in December 2017 [madbello remix edition] as well as the single release "Little Star" feat. Catrine Christensen (SoftWave) in February 2018 and as a pre-taste of the debut album scheduled for autumn / winter 2018, Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller is going to release his first German-speaking single "Doch das, was blieb" on June 1st, 2018, on Echozone.

Markus Kühnel (German dark rock band Elandor) supports the song with his impressive vocals.

"Doch das, was blieb" is an anti-war song. You can look far back in world history and you will see that there has never been a time without wars accompanied by homicides and oppression of countless people and the destruction of everything that has been near and dear to the opponent.
'Doch das, was blieb' ('That What Remained') has always represented a gleam of hope for living in peace, with all the peoples of the world, a cry for love and forgiveness ... Can this be possible one day …?

Besides the original track, "Doch das, was blieb" features two instrumental versions, an extended mix version and 14 great remixes by international artists.

Remix package: madbello (NL), Hoof (NL), POS.:2 (DE), Defiant Machines (DE), Schwarzstern (NL), Monotronic (DE), IMUNAR (DE), Restriction 9 (SW), MonoSapien (DE), L_igh_T (ESP), Cyborgdrive (ESP), Nature of Wires (UK), Das FortLeben (DE) and HzweiG (DE).

Patrick Knoch (Elektrostaub) is responsible for the mastering. Tim Aßmann from Visionary Moments designed the front cover as well as all artworks for the single release.

Elektrostaub - Birthday And Death

Following the GEWC (German Electronic WebCharts) Top 5 singles "Unforgotten" (feat. Henrik Iversen), "Also Without You" (feat. Anne Goldacker) und "Funeral Of Love" (feat. Ruined Conflict), Elektrostaub is now going to release his fourth single "Birthday And Death" (feat. !distain) on June 1st, 2018. It will also be the last single taken from the successful debut album (number 3 in the GEWC album charts) with the same title.

"Birthday And Death" is a very personal and emotional song by Elektrostaub mastermind Patrick Knoch. The track deals with loss, but at the same time emphasises a new beginning. The question whose vocals could support this song, was answered very quickly: !distain. For years, Elektrostaub and !distain have been closely connected on many levels.

Again, Elektrostaub presents stomping beats, harmonic soundscapes and driving sounds. The interaction between music and vocals creates an emotional and danceable electro pearl. Solely for this release, there is a special single version in addition to the already known album version. !distain re-recorded their vocal parts for this single release.

The single also contains a varied remix and instrumental package featuring Tom Winters (Chrom), !distain, Kontrast, Uwe Kallenbach (Ex-Syntec), Alex Stroeer, Projekt Ich , ALexis Voice and Cyborgdrive.

The songs will be available for download in all relevant download shops.

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