Monday 21 May 2018

Review: Raizer – 'Free'


Hailing from Eastern Europe, Raizer return with their new single 'Free'. With their frenetic blend of electro-rock, drum 'n' bass, cyberpunk and synthwave intact from their debut album 'We Are The Future' they launch things into the stratosphere in anthemic fashion.

Big beats, big guitars, soaring vocals, and plenty of melodic synths to get your teeth into the song should be a no-brainer with it's high-energy anime meets computer game soundtrack vibe heavy bass being bang-on trend.

But after the impact of the first minute it begins to feel a little flat and cheesy. This isn't helped by the ill-advised bridge at the 2:30 minute kills the initial momentum in a way that just doesn't fit the rest of the song. It's a shame as the song has some really strong elements to it. But it just seems to unravel and rely to heavily on the chorus.

Production-wise the song is top-quality. It's got the feel of a mainstram hard-dance track and still maintains a strong balance with the heavy guitars and rock vocals. It's still the move into the bridge that seems to undo things with the vocals in particular sounding out of place.

There's a lot to like here, but it doesn't quite hold it together and breaks apart on re-entry. That being said there's no doubt Raizer still have plenty more left in their fuel tanks and will undoubtedly be aiming for the moon with another track soon.

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