Friday 11 May 2018

Nine Inch Nails announce new record and tour

Nine Inch Nails have unveiled their latest release in the form of new studio album 'Bad Witch'. The album carries on from its two predecessor EPs; 2016's 'Not The Actual Events' and 2017's 'Add Violence' rounding out the trilogy that Trent Reznor had previously alluded to.

'Bad Witch' will be available from 22nd June via The Null Corporation.

Track list:

1. "Shit Mirror"
2. "Ahead of Ourselves"
3. "Play the Goddamned Part"
4. "God Break Down the Door"
5. "I'm Not from This World"
6. "Over and Out"

In addition to the new album the band have released North American tour dates with support from indie legends The Jesus And Mary Chain.

For pre-order and ticket details visit

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