Tuesday 22 May 2018

Review: Scandroid – 'New York City Nights'

'New York City Nights'

Celldweller's Klayton reveals the 2nd single from the forthcoming third album from his synthwave side project, Scandroid. Both of the previous Scandroid albums – the eponymous debut and 2017's follow-up 'Monochrome' – were well received and if 'New York City Nights' is anything to go by, then album number three 'The Darkness And The Light' looks set to be another solid outing.

Full of retro synths, smooth vocals and nostalgic melodies, 'New York City Lights' is a classic slice of synthwave that keeps it's originality intact while simultaneously playing with those familiar 80s elements that are permanently engraved onto the pop culture soundtrack of the era.

The great thing about the Scandroid albums thus far is that they have the feel of a movie/TV soundtrack from the era, as if any of the tracks could be on the opening or end credits, or even in some neon-drenched club scene. And 'New York City Nights' definitely fits into this.

The production, as you'd expect from a talented electronic music veteran such as Klayton is impeccable. It has a warm analogue sound but isn't derivative of the recording style of the time. It's still quite modern, but the retro sounds give it that nostalgic appeal without sacrificing quality.

This is another strong single under the Scandroid moniker and definitely whets the appetite for the full-length release.

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