Monday 21 May 2018

Review: KPT – 'Fluid Bonded / Disarm'

'Fluid Bonded / Disarm'

US electronic producer KPT (Kept) returns with a surprise new single in the form of 'Fluid Bonded / Disarm', a double a-side release that blends minimal techno with darker ambient electronics and industrial for a haunting and atmospheric pair of tracks to chill and unnerve.

It's been a couple of years now since KPT's full-length debut which showed off an innovative blend of edm, techno, darkwave, industrial and ebm that was reminiscent of acts such as Diamond Version, Aphex Twin and Blush Response.

With this latest single it's easy to hear the progression in KPT's sound – those elements are still there but the slow and methodical 'Fluid Bonded' shows a more overt step towards minimalism and dark ambience. Whereas 'Disarm', while still linking in with the atmosphere of the previous track, has a more up-tempo beat and therefore a more subversive dance feel to it.

As with previous releases the production quality remains top-shelf. Even with darker experimentation and heavier ambience the tracks keep a melodic appeal that, especially in the case of disarm, translates nicely into a dance-friendly direction akin to Juno Reactor.

This is another strong release from KPT that raises a lot of questions regarding the potential direction of the next full-length album. It may be a far more atmospheric and experimental work than his last outing... or this may be a brilliant curve-ball. Either way 'Fluid Bonded / Disarm' is a solid single.

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