Monday 20 May 2013

50 Shades of Black

50 Shades of Black

Let’s talk about fashion. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about the fashion industry, or fashion in general. It is as alien to me as I assume music production is to many other people. However, I do try and keep relatively up to date with fashion, and living in London has exposed me to many different forms of fashion, both alt fashion and otherwise. As usual, my thoughts and opinions are impartial.

2012 saw a ‘studs and spikes’ era for mainstream high-street fashion in the UK; we couldn’t move for spikes on random accessories and items of clothing. Dangling crucifixes, triangles and other symbols were somewhat popular. While many alternative people disliked this movement because they felt it infringed on their personal space, I embraced it, to a degree; I genuinely liked where it was going (though I found it impossible to find a spiked cardigan). Many people I know used it as an excuse to expand their wardrobe, and it was all very well and good. I mentioned earlier that triangles featured prominently, and to anyone that follows the genre known as ‘Witch House’ (or ‘Drag’), the triangle is a well-known trope. The fashion found in witch house also, to me, seems very similar to the popular looks in 2012, and that surprised me. Witch House is a relatively small subgenre, with a small cult following, and I was amazed to see the fashion and symbolism out on the street. Did one inspire the other, or is it just a strange coincidence?

The current trend I’m seeing in the darker side of ‘high fashion’ is currently very Asian-inspired. I’m not referring to kimonos and Lolita and the like, but instead the smart, modern street fashion. Large cowls, long hoodies, combat boots; it’s very interesting to me, and I love how very different it is to the bland fashion we have over here. Male fashion seems especially popular, which I sincerely hope translates to our western markets.

So, what does that mean to us goffs? In my recent trips to the infamous Slimelight, I’m certainly beginning to see a trend; the cyber fashion fad seems to be beginning to come to and end, with gas masks becoming an unwanted cliché. Leather is beginning to make more of an appearance, with a much more ‘hollywood rocker’ spin being taken on. I’ve noticed more than a few people beginning to make steps into the afore-mentioned Asian style of dark fashion, and I have to say that it fits right at home.

I have no idea what is happening in other parts of the world. I’m especially interested in finding out if cyber fashion is still popular, or if people have moved on. In any event, I will be signing off for now. From time to time I will post another article on fashion, if I see a new and interesting trend surface. Until then!


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